What is CINOR ?

CINOR stands for International Normande Breed Council. The CINOR is first and foremost a conference whose goal is to review the current status and future prospects of the Normande breed in the world today.

It has been created by the Normande breeders associations in the World : Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Switzerland and France

All the Normande breeders, purebred or crossbred are involved in CINOR.

It is an apportunity for all to exchange information about the projects in the different countries and to give development objectives for the Normande dairy cow.


CINOR 2008 in Madison (USA)

More than 100 farmers from all the world attended CINOR 2008 in Wisconsin (USA) on october 2008. During the pre-tour starting Monday September 29, CINOR attendees had the opportunity to visit Normande farms and discover the beauties of the Wisconsin rolling hills and the Mississippi Valley.

The conference lasted for two days and took place in the Exhibition Hall at the World Dairy Expo in Madison. Presenters and attendees from all over the world shared their experiences with the Normande breed. The conference highlighted the main qualities of the Normande, i.e. its sturdiness and adaptation to grazing and sustainable farming practices, as well as its association with high-quality and high added-value products.


CINOR 2011 in Bogota (Colombia)

In july 2011, more than 100 farmers from Europe and America visited dairy farms in the Colombian mountains. They also discovered a beautiful countryside where Normande cows are grazing all the year round.

After a week of visits, the internationa conference took place in Bogota during two days. Many countries were proud to show the results from research programs involving Normande dairy cows. Milk and meat quality, genomics and crossbreeding were the most important themes.



CINOR 2014 in Normandy (France)

The Normande breed international conference will take place in Le Pin Stud in Normandy on september 15. It will be a world wide event welcoming farmers from all continents : Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

The program includes two days of farms and plants visits in Normandy and Brittany, and one day on the most important livestock dairy show in Europe : SPACE, in Rennes (Brittany).

Tour departure is from Paris on september 14.

Download the program and registration form

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