1883 Creation of the first herd-book of the Normande breed in France
 1907 Creation of the first milk control board in the department of Seine Maritime (Normandy)
 1952 Creation of SCTN for Normande breed bulls progeny test
 1966 Agricultural guidance law. Creation of a new framework for genetics and database development (UPRA, Artificial Insemination Units, livestock IT service provider)
 1976 The Herd-book becomes UPRa Normande : National Selection and Promotion Unit of the Normande dairy breed
 1986 Génétique Normande Avenir (GNA) succeed to SCTN for bulls performance test in control station.
 2008  The Organisation for the Selection of the Normande breed succeed to 'UPRa Normande within a new livestcok guidance law and gather all the Normand breed organizations with the farmers. The oficial agreement is given on october 7th 2008. The OS Normande is also in charge of the breed marketing and promotion, and based in Normandy at Domfront (Orne department).

The Organisation for the Selection of the Normande breed succeeded to the UPRa in the year 2008 within the reform of the French agricultural guidance law on livestock.

The missions and the objectives remained the same:

- Orientation of the breed

- Database breed management

- Technical and genetic support for breeders

- Qualification of animals and collection of morphological data

- Promotion and communication

Today, all the partners of the O.S. Normande are members of the society. Every farmer can be a member of the O.S. Normande, together with the Artificial Insemination compagnies, milking control advisors, animal sales cooperative, dairy and beef industry.

The Organism for the Selection of the Normande breed proposes 2 different levels of services to the farmer :

  • the development service (animals registration and advices on mating)
  • the engineered service (+ females classification)

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