The key actor in Normande breed genetics

The role of the Organisation for the Selection of the Normande dairy breed

  • To set up the objectives for the Normande breed development
  • Management of the breed database
  • Technical and genetic support for dairy farmers
  • Classification of females and morphological data collection
  • Marketing and communication 

Breeding selection and objectives

The Organisation for the Selection of the Normande breed is in charge of the breed traits study of in order to built a development model, to propose a guidelines and to choose the selection program (decree 69-667 of June 14th, 1969).

As such, it balances all the traits included in the index of synthesis UPRA (ISU) which is the final objective for the breed selection. It guarantees the zootechnical results collected in the Normande herd-book database and is in charge of classification which is the evaluation of the physical structure of animals. 


The classification book can be downloaded in the French part of th website

A team of 20 classifiers is operating in France for the Normande dairy breed.

2 membership types are proposed to farmers:

Regular membership :
· Registration of animals
· Access to information : magazine subscription and website 

Affiliate membership :

· Herd consultation visit with an experienced classifier
· Classification of all the females
· Access to all major shows and judging programs in France


Over 2 millions Normande animals are registered in France in our database. Ensuring the integrity of the herd-book is the responsability of The Organisation for the selection of the Normande breed. All animal records and pedigrees are available on demand to all the Normande farmers and association in the world.

4 générations pedigrees are available to order : electronic and hardcopy.


The Organisation for the selection of the Normande breed is organizing the main Normande shows in France, and provide with the necesary information all the Normande dairy farmers in the world :

· The quarterly news magazine named "VISION NORMANDE" available in French only 
· The quarterly international Newsletter available in French, English and Spanish
· The monthly French newsletter 
· Technical leaflets and documents ...




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